"Round Up" Debit Card Savings Program FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions.

Is there a charge to enroll in the Round Up savings program?

No. The Round Up savings program is a FREE service to Payne County Bank customers.

Are there any monthly or annual fees associated with the Round Up savings program?

No. The Round Up savings program is absolutely FREE to Payne County Bank customers.

Do Round Up transfers apply to checks written on my account?

No. Round Up transfers only apply to debit card transactions.

When will the first Round Up transfer take effect after I enroll?

Round Up transfers become effective for transactions that post on the next banking day after you enroll for the service.

When is the Round Up money transferred from my checking to my savings account?

Round Up amounts for debit purchases are always made on the same day the transaction posts to your checking account. Purchases made on weekends or holidays post on the next banking day.

Oops! My balance is too low. What happens?

If on a business day you do not have sufficient available funds in your checking account, or if any transaction has overdrawn your checking account, we do not round up purchases posted on that business day and we cancel the transfer for that day.

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How can I find out how much Round Up money has been transferred from my checking account to my savings?

You may review your Round Up transfer transactions, checking and savings account balances, and accrued interest online through Payne County Bank's FREE » online banking service. [insert hyperlink to Online Banking] Monthly printed bank statements also include a summary of the transfers and balances.

Will the Round Up amount show on the purchase receipt I receive from a merchant?


I returned some merchandise purchased with my debit card and received a credit. What happens?

If your Payne County Bank debit card purchase is subsequently cancelled or reversed, the corresponding Round Up savings transfer remains in the savings account.

Will I receive a new debit card if I sign up for the Round Up program?

No, continue to use your current debit card. But if you would like to help your local school, please request a FREE Booster Bucks Debit Card. Payne County Bank will donate 5 cents to your school for every signature debit card transaction. Click here to request your FREE Booster Bucks Debit Card.

My spouse and I have a joint checking account with individual debit cards. Will the Round Up program apply to both cards?

Yes. Round Up transfers will apply to transactions for multiple debit cardholders of joint checking accounts.

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I share a checking account with my spouse. May our Round Up transfers be deposited to my individual savings account?

No. Account owners must be the same for both the checking and savings accounts enrolled in the Round Up program. Spouses sharing a joint checking account must also have a savings account bearing both names.

May I transfer my Round Up savings to another account?

Yes, but you must maintain a personal savings account at all times to qualify for the Round Up service. From time to time you may wish to transfer your savings to a higher interest bearing account such as a Dream CD or other specialty CD, an IRA, or other savings plan at Payne County Bank. You may do this through Payne County Bank's FREE online banking service or by calling the bank. You may also arrange for an automatic transfer upon reaching a certain amount or on specified dates (for example, quarterly). Call us for details.

How is interest accrued on my personal savings account?

Personal savings accounts pay a variable Annual Percentage Yield quarterly on deposits. Click here for the current rates or call the bank at 405-547-2436.

How often may I withdraw money from a personal savings account?

You may make unlimited in-person and ATM withdrawals, and are limited to 6 electronic transfers and/or payments to a third party per month. A $1.00 fee applies for any additional limited withdrawals per month.

May I contribute additional money to my savings account?

Yes, you may add to your personal savings account at any time.

Is the Round Up savings program a "matching" program? Does PCB match my Round Up savings?

The Round Up program is an individual savings plan; Payne County Bank does not match Round Up savings transfers.

I no longer wish to participate in the Round Up savings program. How do I discontinue this service?

To discontinue the Round Up savings program at any time, call the Customer Service department at 405-547-2436.

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