Ways to Save

Easier than you think!

Lessons from Mom

Those few green beans. The dab of corn. The last chunk of roast beef. Mom saved them and they ended up in Sunday night's stew.

Apply the same technique to your personal finances. Pay into your savings account first. Pay your bills. Then, if you have a bit of money left at the end of the month, save the leftovers! Transfer that $25 or $30 to your savings account before your next paycheck arrives. Adding every little bit makes a richer stew.

TIP! Remember: There's no need to spend every cent you earn.

21st Century Pocket Change: Debit Card Savings

You no doubt still plunk those few nickels and dimes in your pocket or purse into the jar on your dresser. And that's great!

But if you use a debit card regularly, Payne County Bank's Round Up Savings Program offers you an even more convenient way to save your pocket change with every purchase.

It simply "rounds up" your transaction to the whole next dollar and automatically transfers this difference from your checking account to your savings account. It's an easy way to put that spare change to work! Click here to Enroll or Learn More.

I Want To:

Adopt the 10% Rule

Ask some of the world's wealthiest and they'll likely tell you they grew up living by the 10% Rule. The simplicity of this rule is what makes it so practical.

Live within your means. Save a minimum of 10% of your gross income.

You say that's too hard? Think of it this way.

Your earn $10. Save $1. Spend $9. Doesn't sound so bad after all, right?

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